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education renovation, by Whitney Heins, University of Tennessee Knoxville  [july 25, 2013]

Mention the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Building and many alumni conjure up images of tunnel-like hallways, hand-me-down furniture, and outdated technology. For almost fifty years, HSS was a place students would go for class and immediately leave. It was never a destination. Not anymore.
  • Since last fall, students have been hanging out and studying in the hallways, which have benches, wallboards, charging stations, polished concrete floors, and new LEED accent lighting. They have been buying food and eating on a dining patio, meeting in informal student work areas, and learning in an upgraded tutoring center for writing.
  • The HSS of today contains thirty-six classrooms with vibrantly colored furniture, air conditioning, all four walls featuring white boards and interactive Smart boards, high-definition video capability, bolstered wireless Internet, and adjustable and mobile Node chairs. [read full article]

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