protecting the environment.

At workspace interiors, being environmentally conscious on every level of process is critical to our success in protecting the environment. It also allows us to become more efficient so that we can keep cost of doing business down and remain competitive in the marketplace.

How do we do this?

  • endeavoring and incorporating processes to become a paperless company
  • standardizing on Steelcase’s “smart packaging” program which allows us to use less packaging which keeps trash out of the landfill and keeps cash in our customers’ pockets

 [360 researchsmarter packaging

  • when we do use cardboard packaging, we recycle every square inch
  • in-house recycling with our new Steelcase Victor2 Recycling Center
  • decommissioning – allows us to recycle or resell our customers old and worn furniture allowing us to keep it out of the landfill, provide cash to offset the cost of new furniture, and allows us to provide a turnkey solution for our customers

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