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The workplace is changing rapidly as a new generation of workers flood the workforce. Workplace issues of creativity, innovation and collaboration are more pertinent than ever and Steelcase is leading the charge for corporations looking to take advantage of this paradigm shift. 

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workspace interiors understands this shift, and our experienced team can help ensure that your company is ready as well! We can provide you with tools and research highlighting the fundamental shift in the workplace and the needs of the new breed of employee.

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No matter the size of your corporation, we have the solutions to fit. We are the authorized Steelcase dealer for the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia regions and we represent over 300 lines of commercial furniture, so each solution can be customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our team will work hand-in-hand to identify solutions that meet YOUR needs and deliver a customer-focused solution

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professional services.

Professional services businesses – such as legal, advertising, accounting, consulting, engineering and design & architecture – have experienced a great deal of change over the last decade. Clients are more discerning. Corporate real estate footprints are shrinking. Workers are more mobile and change employers more frequently. Information is more ubiquitous and overwhelming. These social, technological and economic trends affect the ways people interact with each other, with clients and within their firms.