our interior design services.

workspace interiors provides a variety of interior design services. One of those services is the design and/or renovation of spaces to provide a working environment solution that provides for current trends in the workplace and for staff needs. Steelcase has conducted extensive research on workspace trends and we incorporate the findings of that research into the design of your space. We also select and coordinate interior finishes including paint, wallcovering, flooring, laminates, solid surfaces, and specialty items, including decorative resin and ceiling applications. We also provide furnishings that are also coordinated with the building finishes to provide cohesion with the entire design. Design of your project will include AutoCAD or CET plans of the renovation and 3-D color realistic drawings of the furniture, as needed for clarity.

our design team.

Our workspace interiors team includes registered interior designers as well as team members with construction management experience to provide a total design of your office that will function well and be aesthetically pleasing. Our team will meet with you to determine the work style of each of your departments and then incorporate customer-focused solutions for these needs into the design of your work space. We also staff Project Managers who will bring the design to reality as they manage the construction of your new space.

When workspace interiors provides design and construction services for renovations, the design fee is discounted from what would be charged when we only provide design. And, when you purchase furniture from workspace interiors, there is never a fee for the design of the furniture.