Your people and your workplace are your greatest assets and they are underutilized.

Steelcase research shows us that on average:

  • only 54% of office space is used throughout the day
  • over 37% of employees are not engaged at work

We equip organizations with the tools to measure the places where people work on a continuous, periodic, or trial basis.

Space Measurement



Whether performing a health checkup before or after a capital investment or continuously measuring space over time, Steelcase’s space measurement tools provide organizations with the data and insights they need to make smart decisions. This data allows organizations to use space efficiently and effectively while also empowering employees to have a better, more productive day at work.

continuous measurement

Continuous measurement

Steelcase Workplace Advisor empowers organizations to measure the effectiveness of the workplace, and improve it based on easy-to-understand, actionable data accessible through an online dashboard.

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point in time


Space Analytics is an episodic workplace study that empowers facility managers with easy-to-understand data teamed with in-depth analysis and consultation, giving them the information they need to make the most of real estate.



  • track occupancy and utilization across the entire floor plan, including private offices, collaborative spaces and meeting rooms and open spaces to improve space effectiveness and employee satisfaction
  • work on or off your network
  • store data securely on the Steelcase cloud platform powered by Microsoft Azure
  • incorporate employee surveys so you know how people are voting both with their feet and their hearts
  • go beyond “what” the data says to “why” and “what to do” via Steelcase’s experienced space consulting group
  • do all of the above while making the entire process easy for you

Data + Insights

  • Real-time and cumulative data
  • Actionable dashboards that go beyond basic data to integrate Steelcase’s rich insights on issues such as:
    • space ratios
    • mobility levels
    • peak capacity tensions
    • under-utilization patterns, and
    • spatial characteristic’s impact on utilization

Additional Technology Solutions

media:scape D shape table with physical PUCK and cobi stool

media:scape integrates technology and furniture to bring people, space and information together for greater collaboration and productivity than ever before.

RoomWizard by Steelcase

RoomWizard is a web-based meeting room scheduling system that solves the dilemma of booking rooms and connecting workers to meeting spaces.

Virtual PUCK by Steelcase
Virtual PUCK

Virtual PUCK by Steelcase is a digital collaborative tool that allows meeting participants to share content wirelessly from a laptop from anywhere in the room.