Brand Building

In a competitive global marketplace where consumers detect little difference between one product or service and another, it’s the brand that differentiates.  A brand isn’t just a logo or a slogan; it’s the sum total of customer experiences with the company. Websites, ad campaigns, and other traditional tools associated with branding can influence what people think of a company, but experience tells: a company gets the brand it deserves.

A company’s culture – the values, work practices, and processes – bring its mission to life. Culture is lived in space, and employees’ behaviors ultimately define the brand. That’s why creating space to support brand and culture is one of the hottest issues for everyone who plans, designs, or manages work spaces.

  • wayfinding + informational signage
  • window frosting
  • vinyl lettering
  • specialty window films
  • architectural vinyl (3M™ Di-Noc)
  • graphic services
  • artwork curation

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