milligan college / gilliam wellness center.

LEED Silver Certified Project  The Gilliam Wellness Center is a 7100 sf state of the art fitness center equipped with cardiovascular fitness equipment, both free weights and a weight machine circuit, an aerobics classroom as well as a spinning room equipped with 10 spinning bikes. The center also features seven wall mounted flat-screen televisions, including three that are part of a Nintendo Wii activity area. The center also provides space for the campus nurse, director of intramurals and the director of wellness and leisure activities. “It has also become a campus focal point – turning what was once an unattractive part of campus into one of the most beautiful.”The campus community has already benefited from the Wellness Center since it opened last month. The building was designed to conform to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards and is one of the first such buildings in the area. To be LEED certified, the Gilliam Wellness Center has a recycling area, maximizes the use of natural lighting, incorporates energy-efficient lighting, windows, and plumbing fixtures, as well as other items, including a water garden for capturing runoff for campus irrigation. 

location:  milligan college, tn

recognition:   LEED Silver Certified Project

project scope:    7100 sf

completion date:   2010