People are rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office. Instead, they want informal, authentic and inspiring spaces where they feel an emotional connection. They want the freedom to choose where and how they work.

This cultural movement is redefining the corporate workplace—from a singular focus on efficiency, towards a pluralistic approach that enriches the emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing of people.

Organizations are listening. They’re creating thoughtfully-curated workplaces that have become destinations where people want to work. Places where you can work in a café with your feet up or sit at a desk and focus. Where you’re able to work alone or together, with access to everything you need to actually get work done.

Purposeful work deserves meaningful places that bring together design, materiality and performance—because how a space performs is just as critical as how it looks and feels.

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As organizations continue to seek and create informal, authentic and inspiring spaces, we have designed this book to showcase how the Steelcase family of brands can respond with spaces that blend design, materiality and performance.

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