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Love the way you work, learn, and live.

At workspace interiors, we spend a lot of time thinking about work. We aim to provide high performance products and services designed to help you have a great experience wherever work happens. Our goal is to help you, to make your job easier. Whether you design work spaces, manage them or work in them, we’re passionate about helping create spaces your employees love to work in. We pay a lot of attention to how people work—it’s where our insights come from. That insight is built into everything we do and create.

You spend far too much time at work to not love being there, and we’re going to work very hard at making sure you love working with us.



Meet the newest Steelcase brands


AMQ offers flexible furniture solutions that support open plan design ideas and ship in just 5 days.

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Smith System

Smith System believes in spaces that inspire learning and provides smart, flexible, durable furniture for the unique needs of the K-12 market.

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Orangebox offers contemporary furniture for the changing workplace, with a focus on fostering collaboration, privacy and commercial-grade performance.

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CEU: The Case for Modular Construction

A Steelcase Seminar Credits: DESIGNERS:  0.1 UNIT / IDCEC Designation: HSW ARCHITECTS:  1 unit / AIA DESIGNATION: LU/HSW HOW CAN MODULAR CONSTRUCTION HELP ORGANIZATIONS SURVIVE AND THRIVE? Agility is a buzzword right now. To keep pace with technology and innovation, organizations of the future will need agile workplaces. An agile workplace strategy can help organizations…