Success Begins Inside.

WorkSpace Interiors is turning 23 this year! Our logo has been with us since 1999 when Robert Feathers, president and ceo, acquired the business. The wordmark has seen us through so much growth and we felt it was the right time to give our brand identity a much-needed refresh.

This marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything WorkSpace Interiors brand stood for and everything that we aspire to become as we move forward into an exciting future. It is not just our logo that has changed. We’ve changed our website and social media and added a new tagline. We’ve honed in on our purpose ‘to create great experiences that enrich lives’ that is deeply rooted in our core values. We want to ensure our purpose and brand identity resonates with our customers, communities and team members.

Our new brand identity and vision

The goal of the logo mark was to enhance the original logo by examining the alignment and balance and adding a more visual element to accompany the word mark. The visual identity of a minimal open door creating a speech bubble from the rectangle represents partnership, collaboration, candid communication and sharing of original ideas – all leading to success.

“The new tagline, ‘Success Begins Inside’, conveys what we’ve believed in over the years and our future as we continue to grow,” says Pin-Chia Murphy, director of marketing communications and community relations at WorkSpace Interiors. “It demonstrates our unique position, not only as the industry leader, but also in how we go to market, with purpose and passion. We want to partner to bring success to your classroom, workplace, customers and employees. In addition, ‘Success Begins Inside’ reinforces our commitment to enrich our customers’ experience as they do business with WorkSpace Interiors.”

Through our brand we are committed to delivering exceptional experience and value to our customers, a growing and supportive environment for our employees, and a sustainable future for our communities.

workspace interiors brand logo with graphic of a speech bubble within an open door

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